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Ami Hoffman

Ami Hoffman founded Eastside Educators in 1998. Prior to starting Eastside Educators Ami worked as a K through 5th-grade learning specialist in a New York City public school. It was during this time that she drafted a grant which provided academic intervention services to children performing below New York State grade standard. As the positive results began to grow Ami became inspired to open her own practice to assist and inspire children that face academic difficulties as well as challenge and motivate those that excel beyond their grade level. Ami has worked with children having ADD, ADHD, Tourettes, etc as well as some of the brightest students in the top New York City Private Schools.

Her practice includes educational evaluations and assessments, assistance in reading, writing, math, and enrichment, treatment of auditory processing and attention disorders, educational planning and placement, and preparation for all NY State Elementary exams and private school entrance exams.

A New York State Licensed N-6 teacher, Ami received her Bachelor of Arts degree at Syracuse University and obtained her Master’s Degree at The Bank Street College of Education. She has worked as a nursery school teacher, fourth-grade teacher, and served as a Kindergarten through 5th-grade learning specialist in the New York City public & private school system.

Ami enjoys nothing more than working with children to help them reach their true potential.

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Samantha Cosenza

Samantha Cosenza received her Bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Long Island University, and completed her Masters of Science in TESOL( Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and is certified K-12 th grade.

Samantha supports students learning by offering unique strategies which include higher order thinking questions, kinesthetic approaches, and inquiry – based sessions. She practices various reading techniques and provides a balanced literacy approach and programs for beginning readers.

Samantha provides test taking strategies, confidence building, and preparation for entrance exams(ISEE, AABL, ELA,etc). She works individually on all fundamental academic skills while integrating organization and time management strategies into each session.Samantha has experience in teaching both the primary and secondary grades. She is currently teaching 2nd grade at PS 183 -The Robert Louis Stevenson School.

Samantha has experience in teaching both the primary and secondary grades. She is currently teaching 2nd grade at PS 183 – The Robert Louis Stevenson School.

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Amy Mayo

Amy Mayo received her Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Delaware, and her Masters in Education from Hofstra University. Amy is currently teaching kindergarten at PS 49 – The Willis Avenue School. Previously she was a 1st-grade teacher at Columbia Grammar.

Amy specializes in providing children with a foundation to ensure success as they transition from one grade to the next. She provides preparation for children testing into public gifted and talented programs and private schools.   Amy is certified in Ortin Gillingham; a multi-sensory approach to reading and spelling. Amy guides children in reading skills, comprehension, print awareness, narrative skills, handwriting, mathematical skills and essay writing. She also works with children to improve their executive functioning skills and further develop their self- confidence and love of learning.

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Emily Rosenberg

Emily Rosenberg specializes in early education. She primarily works with children on the Nursery School level helping them to develop early reading, writing and math concepts and skills. Emily helps children prepare for private school admissions test, gifted and talented NYC testing, and prepares children for the transition into the kindergarten level.

Emily has done outstanding work using a multi sensory approach for children that have executive functioning difficulty, non verbal learning disabilities, processing issues, and children with ADD/ADHD. Emily’s instruction includes direct teaching of a skill, repetition, modeling and review. She builds the confidence of her students by providing constant positive reinforcement. She motivates them to try harder and perform better.

Emily graduated from Boston University, and has a dual masters in General and Special education (MS. SPED, ED) from Hunter College. Prior to joining East Side Educators, Emily worked as a nursery school teacher in Manhattan, a learning specialist, and a teacher at The Stephen Gaynor School.

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Jaclyn Schorr

Jaclyn Schorr received her B.A. in History from Washington university in St. Louis, and has her Masters in Social Work from Columbia University School of Social Work. Jaclyn currently works as a Focus Teacher for upper grades at Winston Preparatory School. Her social work background and experience in counseling students provides her with the breadth of skills to address a range of children’s needs, including behavioral, social and academic.

Jaclyn specializes in understanding the individual learning needs of all children in order to provide tailored interventions that support skill building and effective learning. Jaclyn employs a strengths-based perspective to identify and sharpen areas that a child is already strong in, as well as establish areas of difficulty that require more support. She works to engage children in learning as a key lever to improve comprehension and increase academic success.

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