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Emily Rosenberg

Emily Rosenberg specializes in early education. She primarily works with children on the Nursery School level helping them to develop early reading, writing and math concepts and skills. Emily helps children prepare for private school admissions test, gifted and talented NYC testing, and prepares children for the transition into the kindergarten level.

Emily has done outstanding work using a multi sensory approach for children that have executive functioning difficulty, non verbal learning disabilities, processing issues, and children with ADD/ADHD. Emily’s instruction includes direct teaching of a skill, repetition, modeling and review. She builds the confidence of her students by providing constant positive reinforcement. She motivates them to try harder and perform better.

Emily graduated from Boston University, and has a dual masters in General and Special education (MS. SPED, ED) from Hunter College. Prior to joining East Side Educators, Emily worked as a nursery school teacher in Manhattan, a learning specialist, and a teacher at The Stephen Gaynor School.

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